Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


Carter CHT-100


Carter has a concept design for a transport aircraft with a 100‘ diameter rotor and wingspan. The aircraft is being built with full hover capability. It is powered by a single P&W F135 engine. This engine was developed for the Joint Strike Fighter, and is unique in being capable of simultaneously producing 29,000 shaft hp and 18,000 lbs of jet thrust. For this application, the jet exhaust is vectored to counter rotor torque, with the props being used for fine yaw control. The aircraft will have the ability to hover at 145,000 lbs gross weight.

The propellers are located inboard on the wings. Because most of the hover counter torque comes from the jet exhaust and the props are only for yaw manuevering, this short moment arm does not hurt hover efficiency. It also allows the wings to be hinged just outboard of the propellers to fold the wings. In combination with the 2-bladed rotor, this allows for very compact shipboard stowing.

A preliminary design has also been done for a similarly sized jump takeoff CGT-100.