Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


Carter CC-221


The CC-221, designed to serve the deep rig offshore oil market,demonstrates the viability and attractiveness of the slowed rotor technology in a hovering platform. Carter’s SR/C technology provides full hovering VTOL capability with exceptional speed and range representing breakthrough performance in rotorcraft technology.

Carter’s slowed, autorotating rotor, is significantly quieter in cruise flight than today’s rotorcraft and offers a rotor-vibration free cabin environment for passengers due to the tall mast with flexible mounts that isolates rotor vibrations from the rest of the aircraft.

Applying Carter’s SR/C™ technology to the CC-221 delivers a HOGE ceiling of 6275 ft, a service ceiling of 36,300 ft, a max continuous speed of 313 ktas, and a range of over 2000 nm when carrying 21 passengers, making it very attractive for the offshore oil platform, deep rig market.

A high capacity configuration could seat 24 passengers. The aircraft has a 70’ diameter rotor, and two 112” propellers. It is powered by proven twin GE CT7-8A6 turboshaft engines.